LabDirector is a cloud-based quality management system. It’s an an innovative and powerful solution for tracking and maintaining your company’s ongoing quality, safety and compliance requirements. Never miss another deadline or requirement – you’ll be better prepared than ever for your next audit or inspection.

Lab Director helps bring the team together to make plans, delegate responsibilities, review progress, resolve problems and improve the process. Five powerful modules work seamlessly together to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Our responsive, state-of-the-art design allows access from any web-connected desktop, tablet or even cell phone. Prioritized to-do lists are emailed daily to keep everyone on track.

It’s vital in today’s competitive business environment to carefully plan and document each internal process and procedure. Lab Director allows easy access to only the most recent versions of critical plans, operating procedures and other documents. Outdated versions are maintained on the system for historical purposes.

Ongoing training ensures that each employee understands their role in the plan and follows approved procedures. Lab Director managers delegate, track and document recurring tasks such as employee training. A training task can be assigned to specific employees or employee groups.
Every business or project has tasks that must be completed on a regular basis – weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. Lab Director is much more than a calendar or task management program. Tasks show up only when you need them and they can be assigned to anyone on the team. Completed tasks, notes and attachments are saved for inspection and review.
Regular internal audits and inspections ensure that each detail of the plan is being followed. Lab Director makes it easy to schedule and complete audits and inspections. Checklists can be uploaded from our public library or easily created from scratch using Excel. Notes, documents or photos can be up-loaded from your desktop or mobile device.
Corrective and preventative actions are an excellent way to fix problems and improve the process. Lab Director provides an easy way to follow up on internal audits, external audits, customer complaints, or staff suggestions. Those assigned can perform a root cause analysis to determine and take appropriate action.

Lab Director’s key features include:

  • Web-based design, accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Prioritized task lists for individuals or teams
  • Daily email notifications
  • Recurring tasks with start and due dates
  • Optional review step for critical tasks
  • Upload photos, documents or other attachments
  • Assign individuals or groups to specific tasks
  • Complete and save inspections on a laptop or tablet
  • Easily download or build customized checklists
  • Document and delegate corrective and preventative actions