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Analytical Data Management

AQS Data Manager is a web-based application designed to help you easily import, review and evaluate laboratory and process data. Data Manager allows users to import data from the field or lab, check for outliers, view trends and export data.

Using Data Manager, laboratory data is imported directly from the lab using any number of electronic data deliverable (EDD) formats. Once imported, the data can be compared with project, method and statistical limits to ensure usability. Validated data can then be graphed, compared, or exported in a variety of formats. Best of all, your data is available anytime, anywhere from any web-connected desktop, tablet or phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many environmental projects, including groundwater, wastewater and drinking water monitoring, require routine samples to determine regulatory compliance or process performance. A single sample collected might be tested for dozens of parameters – some in the field, some at an in-house lab and others at a commercial lab. Data tracking and management can be overwhelming.

AQS Data Manager helps to simplify and automate many of the most difficult steps:

  • First, laboratory data can be uploaded directly from a variety of sources – a laboratory electronic deliverable, Excel spreadsheet or even a customized data entry screen. For some labs, data can even be “pushed” directly from the laboratory to Data Manager.
  • Second, the data is automatically grouped by sample name, with each sample date being a unique data point. The intuitive dashboard shows the most recent data, specific concentrations for that date and the resulting trend for selected parameters.
  • Third, data is compared with pre-determined limits and outliers are flagged. For example, if the effluent limit for ammonia is 7 mg/L, Data Manager can flag any results above that limit. Data Manager can also flag data that is a statistical outlier or even missed holding times.
  • Fourth, ad hoc queries can be built and saved. Queries can be simple or complex including multiple samples and/or multiple parameters. A date range is selected and queried data can be graphed or exported to Excel.

Data can be imported directly from a laboratory electronic deliverable (EDD) or spreadsheet with the specific column headings. Some laboratories have helped us develop a direct data link for their customers. For field data, we can even design a specific entry form for your iphone or tablet.

Upper and lower concentration limits can be placed on specific sample/analyte combinations. For example, a process sample pH must be in the range of 4 to 10. Or the limit can be applied across the board to a specific parameter – TCLP arsenic must always be below 5 mg/L. Or a limit can be applied to a method – the holding time for EPA 8260B is 28 days.

Exporting data is easy using the custom query page. Once the samples, parameters and data range are selected, the data can be viewed, charted or exported.

AQS offers flexible pricing based on your organization’s needs. Please contact us for a quote.

Initial Data Manager setup is not difficult. We can show you how to start from scratch or import your existing data. Contact us for details.