HW Manager

Hazardous Waste Management

Federal and state regulations and local permits specify the storage conditions and management requirements for all hazardous waste generated at a facility. HW Manager helps you manage all phases of hazardous waste handling in compliance with EPA guidelines — generation, accumulation, consolidation, manifesting and disposal. Our server-based application helps you properly manage hazardous waste from “cradle-to-grave.”

Using HW Manager, hazardous waste drums and containers are individually recorded and tracked. Drum contents are recorded including lab packs. Pickup requests notify waste personnel. Waste labels and barcodes are easily generated. Accumulation times and storage locations are carefully monitored to ensure compliance. Waste manifests and shipping documents are built and printed. Reports are generated, including the biennial report.

Frequently Asked Questions

HW Manager is not an off-the-shelf application. Each installation is somewhat different and requires specification meetings, customization and personalized training. Please contact us for a price quote.