Investing in Laboratory Data


Laboratory testing can be the most expensive part of an environmental project. Ensuring data quality is relatively easy and protects this significant investment of time (planning, sampling, processing) and money (laboratory testing). Plan Ahead It’s been said to always “begin with the end in mind.” For environmental projects this is usually in the form of [...]

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Introducing Lab Director Compliance Management System


LabDirector is a cloud-based quality management system. It's an an innovative and powerful solution for tracking and maintaining your company’s ongoing quality, safety and compliance requirements. Never miss another deadline or requirement – you’ll be better prepared than ever for your next audit or inspection. Lab Director helps bring the team together to make plans, delegate [...]

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Laboratory Data Usability for Environmental Projects


For many, an environmental laboratory is a black box - samples go in, and numbers come out. But there are some basic questions that each data user should ask. Is My Sample Representative of the Site?   Did the Laboratory Use a Representative Sub-Sample?   Is the Data Subject to Any Errors or Bias?   Obtaining reliable [...]

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Developing a Customized Hazardous Waste Tracking System


AQS has developed and implemented a customized hazardous waste tracking system for use at US Army Dugway Proving Ground and other facilities. The software allows users to easily track hazardous waste from cradle to grave – down to individual storage areas and containers. HW-Manager allows our customer to safely and efficiently accumulate, transport and dispose [...]

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