Our technical experts prepare and present classroom training on a variety of environmental and analytical topics. Courses include environmental compliance, hazardous waste operations (hazwoper), analytical chemistry, data validation and much more. In addition, we prepare and deploy online training, testing and tracking to ensure compliance with recurring training requirements. Contact us to schedule or develop a training course to meet your specific needs.

epa_seal_verysmall[1]Facilities that generate hazardous waste must comply with detailed regulatory requirements for waste characterization, container marking and labeling, waste minimization, manifesting, transportation, emergency response, and land disposal certification. EPA and state regulations require annual hazardous waste management training. This course will teach you how to properly identify, accumulate, minimize, and ship hazardous waste. You will learn how to develop a contingency plan and how to comply with land disposal restrictions. The course provides an in-depth look at the latest regulatory requirements, waste exemptions and exclusions, new universal waste requirements, VOC standards for hazardous waste generators, and waste minimization.

DOT-75[1]The Department of Transportation (49 CFR 172.704) makes training mandatory for almost anyone who handles hazardous materials, regardless of the amount. This affects employees who select or prepare hazardous materials packages, label containers, complete shipping papers, load or unload vehicles, transload hazardous materials, or operate vehicles used in the transport of hazardous materials. DOT requires initial training and recurrent training every three years. This class meets both your initial and recurrent training requirements.

OSHA-125[1]Personnel who are expected to respond to on-site chemical releases are required to have 24 hours of initial training. Personnel who are involved in cleanups at waste sites-including Superfund sites, RCRA corrective action sites, or even voluntary cleanups involving hazardous substances-must have 40 hours of initial classroom instruction. This class provides in-depth instruction on how to perform emergency response activities. Topics include hazard recognition, spill control and containment, worker protection, and waste site activities such as site characterization, waste handling, and decontamination. You will have the opportunity to apply your training during a hands-on simulated incident response. HAZWOPER courses include:

  • 40 Hour Initial
  • 8 Hour Refresher
  • 8 Hour Supervisor

nelap_lab041012-75[1]This training is required annually for National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) laboratories. Specific topics include background, avoidance, investigation, and consequences of unethical behavior. Several real life and current case studies are also discussed.

We can customize a course to fit your specific needs. Call us to discuss the details.